tiistai 13. marraskuuta 2012


aattelin kokeilla vähä erillaista blogin kirjotusta. välillä voisin väserellä täälä mun huonolla englannilla jotain.

Today we started to paint few metal parts of a lantern and a car part from Alfa Romeo... And my cell phone cover, AGAIN. Now the parts are almost ready for the "Cosmi-chrome". My teacher Jari and his friend from Forssa stayed at school to finish priming. Emilia, Laura, Sanna and Meri (my classmates) painted for the first time chromium primer. I've done this already once before with Marika's help. And it failed. Second time went better than the first one. Now parts are ready for plasma processing. It'll help the chrome to stick on our parts. Chromium painting has lots of different work steps. PintakiltaWiki gives the answer to all steps to Cosmi-Chrome. Here's a link: (finnish presentation of Cosmi-Chrome)
Tomorrow we will continue our work and we'll see what happens to us. 
I hope that you understand this text,
this is enough for me now :D 
switching back to finnish..
kattoo jos huomenna sitte kirjottelee suomeksi ja lisään ne kuvat tosiaankin.

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